Learn about the Last Call Finishing Oil

The Last Call Finishing Oil is a complex oil mix sealant used to deliver and lock in moisture for all hair types, used as a beard oil, and also used to moisturize the scalp.  The ultimate healthy hair and scalp oil. Very light and continues with the same neutral, fresh scent of the other products that is loved by all our customers, Men and Women.


  • Use as a sealant for the Oil part of the LCO or LOC method for twist/braid outs or wash and go styles
  • Use to oil scalp
  • Use for straightened styles that as the final step to add shine
  • Helps encourage hair growth

Some of the awesome ingredients:

  • Coconut, Olive, Sweet Almond are penetrating oils that nourish and protect
  • Apricot Kernel which contains fatty acids and is high in vitamin E
  • Jojoba which is a moisturizing and hydrating oil that softens and nourishes hair over time
  • Panthenol/Vitamin B strengthens hair, retains moisture, conditions and adds slip
  • Tea Tree helps to kill bacteria; it is an antiseptic that controls dandruff and prevents breakage
  • Peppermint increases blood circulation which can improve hair growth and thickness and prevent hair loss