Learn About The Tonic

1.  What is a Tonic?
    •  A liquid, leave in moisturizer, that is Aloe Vera based and contains 10 high quality oils many of the oils are defined as an essential oil.  It is very light and has a very fresh citrus scent that appeals to both women and men.  Can and should be used daily to promote hair health!
2.  What does it Do?
    • Promotes hair growth via scalp stimulation
    • Creates an environment that ensures a healthy scalp
    • Eliminates bacteria on scalp that creates dandruff
    • Detangles Hair
    • Reduces breakage by keeping the hair well moisturized
    • Refreshes curls during your wash-n-go or twist out styles
    • Softens and Moisturizes curls, coils, spirals and textured hair
    • Softens and grooms beards
    • Helps repair dry brittle ends
    • Heat Protectant for heat styled hair
    • Feeds hair with the nutrients it needs for growth and health
3. What oils does it contain?
    • Castor Oil - replenishes moisture, strengthens
    • Olive Oil - penetrates and contains vitamins A,E, & K
    • Argan Oil - moisturizer and hydrator
    • Jojoba Oil - moisturizer & hydrator that has antibacteria properties
    • Grape Seed - rich in vitamin K, easily absorbed
    • Rosemary - promotes growth, adds shine and softness
    • Cedarwood - promotes growth, controls dandruff
    • Clary Sage - promotes growth, stimulates folllicles
    • Tea Tree - antiseptic that kills bacteria & prevents breakage
    • Peppermint - promotes growth & thickness, stimulates
4.  Is it Safe?  Yes, absolutely!
    • Free of silicones, bad alcohols, sulfates, and chemicals
    • Not tested on animals
    • Safe for kids
    • Safe for beard care