Full Bodied Butter Natural Hair and Body Moisturizer

Herbs & Oils Haircare Essentials


Our Natural Hair and Body Butter, we call it "Full Bodied" because it can be used from your head to your feet.  It can be used on your hair, it can be used to grease your scalp, and to moisturize your skin.  The scent is citrus and fresh (the same scent as our Tonic) which makes it appeal to men as well as women.

Herbs & Oils "Full Bodied Butter" is a thick, rich, whipped, very intensive, moisturizing hair and skin butter. It is made from the highest quality ingredients and packed full of beneficial oils. It is Shea butter based and contains Aloe, Jojoba, Argon, Grapeseed, and Tea Tree oils.  

  • The butter has long lasting moisturizing properties

  • It enhances curl and wave definition

  • It can be used as a heat protectant

  • It adds ultimate shine to dry, brittle, and lack luster hair and controls frizz without clogging pores

  • The Full Bodied Butter has a rich consistency that melts at body temperature and is easily absorbed as an intensive fortifying hair, scalp, and body moisturizer,  leaving all soft and replenished