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Shop our original collection of all natural haircare essentials! 

  • "The Tonic" - our flagstaff product that is an Aloe Vera based, non-greasy, daily leave in conditioner that moisturizes, detangles, stimulates scalp for growth, reduces breakage, eliminates dandruff and scalp irritation, refreshes and is great for your beard maintenance - COMES IN 3 SIZES
  • Full Bodied Butter - Moisture for your scalp, hair, and skin
  • Last Call Finishing Oil - Hair sealant to lock in your conditioner, great for your scalp and beard care and maintenance
  • Curly Cocktail Curl Cream - great for popping those curls back in for your wet-set or a setting cream for your twist or braid out, can also be used as a deep conditioning treatment
  • Naturally Bubbly Shampoo - highly concentrated 4X so a little goes a long way, moisturizes and conditions during the shampoo phase, doesn't strip your hair
  • Top It Off Conditioner - adds that additional slip to help with detangling can be used as a rinse out, leave in, or deep conditioning treatment