Eva Whitely

April 04, 2020

Eva Whitely



After years of working for fortune 500 companies, Eva’s entrepreneurial spirit would get the best of her and nobody should be surprised that she would end up here.  The actual surprise is that it’s hair and not food.  Cooking has always been her passion. 

Eva has always known that she was blessed with talents and she also knew she was supposed to share them as she has always lived by the verse: “FOR UNTO WHOMSOEVER MUCH IS GIVEN, OF HIM SHALL BE MUCH REQUIRED.”  

She is a born leader who brings the best out of people to create high performing teams.  Eva needs creativity and control of her vision and that has always been exceedingly difficult to achieve in corporate America.  Based on that alone, she was always destined to do her own thing. 

Eva was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and lived several years in Maryland prior to landing in Charlotte, NC.  She graduated from Point Park University with a BS in Business Management and a minor in Entrepreneurship.  She worked in the financial industry within the technology sector for much of her career. She has excelled in this environment and leaned mostly towards consulting as it highlighted her skills in the role of “fixer of problems.”  She has always been great at identifying a problem, isolating it, and devising a creative solution to solve it.   

Although owning a haircare business was not planned, there is a direct correlation between creating meals and developing products, software testing and product testing, owning a small business (E-Learning Solutions, LLC.) and ultimately owning Herbs & Oils Haircare Essentials which she fully expects to explode into the market and lead the industry.  

This strong and creative spirit is what makes her uniquely qualified to launch this endeavor.  What she lacks in experience in the haircare industry she makes up with the people she has surrounded herself with, her family, and team who have spent many years working in the health and beauty industry. 

Of course, being a curly, “naturalista” with her own core values about natural hair, drive, and intention does not hurt. 

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